Crochet Pattern: Plushie Bear Beret


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Okay, it's not another bear bag, but it IS another bear. In beret form :D The plushie bear bag used about half of the Big Twist Plush yarn skein, and this hat used up the rest of it! They're a perfect pair of projects.


You can get the pattern here at HELLOhappyravelryetsy, and ribblr.

I did my best to make it as nausiatingly adorable as possible. I feel like it could be made even cuter by a true expert, but I have reached my max level here haha.



Dunno about the rest of you, but I don't like berets without the little top loop. They just feel unfinished. I also will accept a pom pom in its place. plain tops. Can't do it. Btw they're actually officially called stalks! A beret stalk.




I've classified this as an advanced beginner pattern. Essentially you need to be comfortable making stuffed animals out of plush yarn, as this uses the same techniques. So practice with some free patterns if you never have before.
This pattern also has a ton of room for customization. You can crochet or embroider the eyes, give it a totally different nose and mouth, omit or make the cheeks larger, or embroider anime-type slashes for blush instead. Add some bows or lace. Use multiple colors.
You could try holding two strands of regular worsted yarn to make this hat instead, but I'm not sure how well it will behave. Plush yarn is a bit unique.

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Grab the pattern right here at HELLOhappy!

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