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Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet, but you're not sure where to start? Take my highly focused course!

You'll learn about yarn, tools, and other supplies, along with in-depth tutorials on how to hold your yarn, basic stitches, and more!

Once you've got a grip of the basics, you'll use the knowledge you've gained to make an actual, wearable headband!

You can follow along to any old video tutorial, but if you don't learn how to read patterns, you can only ever follow along. In this course you'll also learn the basics of how to read a written crochet pattern, opening up the entire world of crochet to you!

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Learn How To Read Written Crochet Patterns

If you learned how to crochet via youtube, but are tired of being confined to youtube jail, check out my series teaching how to read written patterns! The entire world of crochet patterns will open up for you, once you learn how! You'll follow along with the written pattern while you watch a video, and soon you'll be totally fluent in written patterns.

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