Crochet Pattern: Chonky Bee Bag

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Attention: blanket yarn bee! This is not a drill!


Okay but WHY has the internet lost its collective mind over blanket yarn bees?? Why?? Lol I don't get it. Blanket yarn cows, blanket yarn octopi, blanket yarn bears, blanket yarn bucket hats?! Why?!

I kept waiting for it to die down but somehow after a year or two (what is time?) it's still going strong, so fine, I gave up.

I spent like a week trying to come up with a blanket yarn pattern and had the idea of this bee bag. I was like "okay there's literally zero chance this hasn't already been done. No way there aren't several of these already, but maybe I can at least make mine look different from the rest..."

And holy crap, I found 1. One single blanket yarn bee bag, and it wasn't even a pattern, it was being offered as a finished product on etsy. And tbh it's not really constructed like a bag, it's more like they took a plushie pattern, made a few of the rounds into back and fourth rows to create the opening, then resumed rounds. So it's basically just a deflated stuffed animal, rather than a constructed bag.

So...I somehow am the first?! I certainly won't be the last. I predict there will be 10 bee bag patterns in the next month after I release this LOL, which is fine, cuz I didn't think it would be an original concept in the first place. It's just sheer dumb luck at this point.

So I will enjoy this very brief moment when my blanket yarn bee bag pattern is the only pattern like it on the internet hahaha.

The crochet pattern is available here at HELLOhappy, Etsy, Ravelry, Ribblr, and soon at LoveCrafts!

I'm calling this an intermediate pattern. The crochet itself is easy, but the construction is a little more challenging than beginner level. You'll need to sew some pieces together with a needle & thread instead of yarn.



  • Hobbii Baby Snuggle (weight 6, super bulky) in sunshine, panther, and white (or whatever colors you want for your bee). 1 skein of each color is more than enough. [btw this affiliate link sets off some adblockers, but it's perfectly safe, it directs right to hobbii]
  • 5mm hook
  • yarn needle
  • sewing needle & thread in your bee colors (plus pins or clips)
  • a lighter (you need it to prevent the yarn from falling apart at the end, but if you're using different yarn this might not be necessary)
  • optional: 1/2 inch button
  • optional: chain measuring between 30-60 inches (depending on chosen length)
This was my first time using Hobbii's Baby Snuggle yarn and I half love it, half hate it lol. Having to burn the ends and weave them away was really annoying, but it was fun to crochet with. I bought a teal colored skein to make a future project with (another bag!), but I have so many things on my plate right now, I think it'll be a few months before that happens. Plus, winter is coming!! It's finally about to be hat season again, my favorite!!
Anyone wanna take bets on how many copycat patterns there'll be one month from now? 😂

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