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Hand Me Down Wizard Scarf - Sample Sale

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A delightfully quirky scarf made out of intentionally crooked granny squares, in autumnal colors. Was this actually crocheted by your great aunt Tessie? Who knows! Scarf measures about 6 inches wide, 74 inches long, not including fringe. Your new favorite scarf is made of merino wool, which is the softest sheep wool in the world.

Materials: Made of 100% merino wool (so soft, so warm!)

Care instructions: Machine wash gentle cold (or hand wash cold), lay flat to dry. 

What's a sample sale? A sample can mean a few different things depending on the category of the business. For a crochet pattern designer, a sample is the piece/s made while creating the pattern, or the item that was used in product photos, or both! In this case, it's both. This is the actual item made while creating the HELLOhappy crochet pattern, and is the item featured in the promotional photography. 

Handmade & designed by HELLOhappy