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Mini Cow Zip Pouch - Hand crocheted credit card wallet - Sample Sale

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A cute little cow zippered wallet to keep your cards in one place, instead of all loose at the bottom of your bag. You need this. I've seen your bag, it's a disaster. Wallet is unlined, but the fabric created by the crochet stitches is very solid.

You will receive the zip pouch I made to create the crochet pattern-the exact one that's in the photos. 

Materials: Made of acrylic yarn

Size: 4.5 inches wide by 3 inches tall

Care instructions: Spot clean with cold water and gentle soap. Lay flat to dry.

What's a sample sale? A sample can mean a few different things depending on the category of the business. For a crochet pattern designer, a sample is the piece/s made while creating the pattern, or the item that was used in product photos, or both! In this case, it's both. This is the actual item made while creating the HELLOhappy crochet pattern, and is the item featured in the promotional photography. 

Handmade & designed by HELLOhappy