Free Crochet Pattern Video: Flower Bookmark

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You ever think up something randomly in the shower that you're not sure will work, but the idea haunts you for days, so you just have to try making it?

Introducing my newest free pattern: a flower bookmark 😂

Yes, this is one of those things. And it...sort of works? It's a bit chonky for a bookmark, but it's cute, so...good enough?


  • Embroidery Floss
  • 2mm hook
  • Cardboard or chipboard or cardstock measuring 2x2 inches
  • Sewing thread & needle
  • Felt
  • White glue that dries clear like elmers, aileen's, mod podge etc + a paintbrush to apply

Flower instructions

R1: make a magic ring of 6 sc

Switch to petal color and crochet 1 petal into each sc

Petal: sc, ch 3, tr, ch 3, sl st

Finish off and weave away ends.



To construct the bookmark, cut some thread and sew the ends of the flower petals to other flower petals. Make your bookmark use up more flowers if you want. Next paint glue onto the tops of the flowers. Once that's dry, flip them over and do the back side. Finally, cut two pieces of felt to fit around your cardboard and sew them together with a blanket stitch, sewing the flowers on where appropriate.


The Video


It's quite a barebones tutorial, but hopefully it's enough to get you through! And possibly spark some ideas of your own :)


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