Yarn organization & storage tutorial: new house, new set up

Hey guys, I finally fixed up my yarn organization in my craft room! I mean, I had a set up before, but I was never really super happy with it, so I redid it the other day and now it's perfect. Well...nothing beats my old setup, which was a built-in china cabinet!!

But I've since left that rental behind me, which includes the built-in cabinet. :,( To be fair, the hooks on the top shelves for tea cups did get caught in the yarn sometimes and made me angry haha.

Now I actually wrote up a tutorial on how I made my X shelves already, you can see it here! To sum up: use the pythagorean theorem (a^2 + b^2 = c^2) to figure out the length of foamboard to cut. Who says a non-architect or non-engineer can't use that formula on a regular basis?! Or at least every new rental property, haha.

Anyway, previously I had these closetmaid backless shelves* in my closet. This house...doesn't have closets. I mean, there is one in each bedroom, but...they barely qualify as closets. The one in the craft room isn't even deep enough to fit a modern sized clothing hanger!! Seriously. Women in 1912 had large dresses so I don't know how they actually got them into the closet. I didn't need backs on the shelves when they were in my old closet, but once I decided they would be my new yarn storage, backs became a necessity. Closetmaid actually makes the same shelves with a back for the same price, so if you're looking to buy something new, get those* instead. (*affiliate link) [when I bought those shelves they were $20 so if you can, wait around for a sale]

Need backs on your cheap shelves? The dollar tree is your friend! I bought poster board and thumb tacks hahaha. I feel no shame. After I had the backs on, I essentially made a runner to go underneath the shelves, so they'd also have bottoms. This was probably a 2 hour project, mostly because the cheapy dollar tree thumb tacks kept bending instead going through the partical board. I used to have tacks from home depot but I can't find them anywhere. That extra $2.50 or however much really makes a difference in quality though!! :P So I don't actually recommend cheapy thumb tacks...

Looks fab from the front!

So then I stacked my big rectangle shelf* on top. It used to be part of my computer desk set up, which is made entirely of cubes btw, but I realized I didn't need THAT much surface area. It just encourages me to fill it up, so I donated it to my yarn storage. (*affiliate link)

I need to get a couple of glass/plastic bowls from a thrift store and get rid of the ugly plastic bags on top!!

Of course, in my dream home I would probably have the Ikea billy shelves with doors, and paint it white with chalk paint...

Well anyway, I hope y'all got some useful information from this rambling mess of a blog post. Tag me if you use my X shelf tutorials on instagram @hellohappycrafts cuz I'd love to see them!!

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