WeCrochet Festival Collection 2022

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Exciting news! WeCrochet has released their latest ebook featuring festival themed patterns, and I'm part of it! I can't even remember how long ago it was that I started designing my pattern, but it's finally out!

So what pattern did I contribute? I present to you: the Brandy Water Bottle Holder!

Isn't it cute?? And how good is the photography?!

Full disclosure: I didn't crochet this, that was done by a lovely sample maker! But I did write the pattern and make one myself in way less cute colors.


Just to refresh your eyes:

Ah, better. Now, both the name and description on WeCrochet were not my creation. They certainly left room for designers to take complete control of the pattern, but I decided to leave that up to them! Cute names and copy writing are NOT my strong suit, which should be painfully obvious to everyone who's been here a while lol, so I was like, "nope! have fun, guys!"

But in any case, it was a really fun experience! 

You'll need worsted weight yarn in 5 colors to copy this one, along with a 4mm hook. You could opt for just 2 colors though, or even just 1! I think it would look gorgeous in a sunny yellow or a medium grey.

You can buy my pattern (and other patterns) individually for $4.99 each, but that adds up quick. The entire ebook of 16 patterns is only $12.99, so it makes about zero sense not to just grab the whole thing. :) Btw I outright sold this pattern to WeCrochet, so they own it! I won't be able to sell it anywhere, so the only place you can get it is at WeCrochet.

Here are a few of my favs from the collection:

So cute, right? I especially love the round, sunburst bag!

So hop on over to WeCrochet and grab the ebook :)

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