Updated Crochet Pattern: Christmas Tree Hat (from 2016)

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I just added my Christmas Tree Hat crochet pattern to Ribblr! But while I was adding the pattern, line-by-line, I ended up doing some preeeeettttyyyyy heavy editing. So I decided the entire pdf needed updating! And while I was at it, a new photoshoot, too! The old photos were kinda blurry and dull. So I guess, here's the new and improved Christmas Tree Hat pattern! It's available here at HELLOhappy, Etsy, Ravelry, and Ribblr!

Now I feel like I want to take new photos of my mushroom beret! But I'm already changed back into my PJs so that's not gonna happen today LOL.


-Buy the pattern right here at HELLOhappy.net! 

-Grab the pattern at Ravelry

-Grab the pattern at Etsy

-Grab the pattern at Ribblr

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