Two new hats to order: Pikachu & Totoro

Posted on May 09, 2017

So I'm super excited for both of my new hats!! Both are, of course, hitting me right in the nostalgia. Can you ever go wrong with Pokemon or Studio Ghibli?? And more specifically, Pikachu & Totoro? No. Never. Not in my life.

The first is my new pikachu slouchy hat. It's so cute!! 😍 It didn't turn out exactly like my original sketch, but I actually think it came out better. [edit:You can no longer order it for $30.]

The second one is a slouchy Totoro hat! That might be trying to eat you?? And I of course gave it a soot spirte/susuwatari pompom hehe. [edit: You can no longer order it for $40].

I've not made the crochet patterns for these yet, and it'll probably be a couple of weeks before they're available, so you'll just have to wait patiently until then. :)

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