Sample Sale - Handmade crochet accessories for sale

Have you ever wanted to own HELLOhappy items, but you either don't crochet, or you just don't want to make them! Then check out our sample sale!

What's a sample?

A sample can mean a few different things depending on the category of the business. For a crochet pattern designer, a sample is the piece/s made while creating the pattern, or the item that was used in product photos, or both! In my case, it's both.



I stopped taking orders for made to order products 4 years ago, and I'm not planning to resume at any point, so the sample sale is the only way to purchase the crocheted items I made from HELLOhappy patterns.



Each item is the exact item you see in the photos.

Each item has a regular price crossed out with a sale price. The regular price is if I was selling a brand new item, and the sale price is the reduced sample price. 

I will be adding more items over the next few months, so be sure to keep checking back! I'll type up a new blog post each time I add new items.

Shop the sample sale now!

Today I actually added my newest crochet pattern, my mossy bear beanie, to the sample sale. Click here to grab it!

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