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Update July 2020: You can find my patterns at WeCrochet right here!

Guys I’m so excited to tell you about my amazing news! I was invited to start selling patterns at WeCrochet (owned by knitpicks) and they sent me a bunch of yarn to get started!! All patterns submitted need to be made using their yarn, so I’ll need to make new samples for photos. And they just…sent me a bunch of yarn…can you believe it?? Who’s life is this?!

Look at all these beauties!! This is Brava worsted yarn. To start, I’ll be making my sloth planter, llama planter, jellyfish air planter, and octopus scarf (one of these patterns will be featured in WeCrochet in May but I’m not telling which one!). There are a few extra skeins in there that I didn’t even ask for! So exciting! Not only did they send me all of this yarn, but they sent me some goodies, too!

I mean, holy crap! A 24 color mini skein pack, a magazine, two zip pouches, an enamel pin, and a tote bag!!

The tote bag is so cute! I’ll definitely be using it to hold projects in the future!

This gorgeous magazine is full of spring patterns and inspiration!

The inside print in the zip pouches is crochet hooks! Yassss

And look at this sweet little pin. I love the art on the display tag too, it’s so pretty! You know someone has interest in design when they get excited about the tag LOL

And lastly, here’s the info card that comes with the 24 pack. This is the “rainbow” pack - you can get a pack of blues, reds, and jewel tones! …I’m definitely gonna make a swatch book out of these! It won’t be a full collection, but it’s a start.

…I do wanna get serious for a minute though. The morning I got an email asking me what yarns I’d like (seriously, just asking what yarn to send me! My choice! O.M.G.), I also got news that so many of my friends were being laid off. My brain couldn’t handle the extreme high and extreme low, and I spent the whole day on the couch, curled up in a ball, crying on and off. All day. 😂 

I’ve since recovered from stress overload, though it took a couple more days of me melting into the couch. But now I’m ready to dive back into work and make some cute stuff!

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