Now offering crochet classes!

Exciting news, I'm officially offering crochet classes! Well, one to start. You can find them at Teachable (click here)!

You probably remember my Skillshare announcement a few months ago, but I cannot for the life of me make the video they want. I have a how to crochet bit, I go over supplies, I provide a written pattern...yet somehow it's not good enough, and when I ask specifically for what I need to change or add, I just get copy and paste responses. So...not feeling real good about them as a company.

But that's fine, because Teachable exists! Teachable is simply a class host, it doesn't have a marketplace, so I don't have to meet weird, vague, and unlisted I'm sorry to bash on Skillshare, but it really makes no sense.

So my first class is for my fox pin!

I decided to go with something pretty easy to film for my very first class. It turned out well!

I'll be adding lots of classes in the future. My popular patterns, patterns exclusive to Teachable, and even newbie crochet classes!

Click here to enroll in HELLOhappy classes!

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