New Crochet Patterns: susuwatari scarf and amigurumi kitty

Hey guys, I'm back with two new crochet patterns!! Are you excited? I sure am!

So the first pattern is my new susuwatari/soot sprite scarf! These little cuties are featured in a couple of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies: Totoro and Spirited Away. My mom bought Totoro at a Suncoast Video (RIP) circa 1997 and it quickly became my favorite movie! Move over Milo and Otis...just kidding, they were totally tied together in first place. For this pattern you'll need ww yarn with a 5mm hook and a whole lotta patience. Your endurance will be tested with this pattern, it takes forever to finish!! Totally worth it though, look how cute it is. :D

The other is a cute little amigurumi kitty with a sweet bell collar. Obviously these are short haired cats, but they have that cute lil smoosh face.

Grab the patterns on etsy or ravelry!

The susuwatari scarf is also available made to order ^^

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