New Crochet Pattern: slouchy dahlia hat

Posted on September 20, 2017

Hey guys I'm back with another crochet pattern! It's my slouchy dahlia hat. It's already up on Etsy & Ravelry!

I love dahlias, don't you? To be honest, my favorite flower is the peony, but dahlias are a close second. I'm not too sure how one might construct a peony-inspired hat though, so I'm good with this haha. Not that this is in any way a photo-realistic dahlia or anything...

So anyway, I first made this cream one, but as I was typing up the pattern, I realized the wip photos I took were somewhat lacking, so I made a new one! I just happened to choose grey because I had plenty on hand. :)

I made this one right after I made my slouchy floral hat, cuz I was totally in the flower-hat zone! I'll probably make a few more girly-boho type things this year too, cuz sometimes you gotta get away from the cutesy animal stuff. Not very often though, if you're me. :P

The supplies needed for this one are simple-some ww yarn and two hooks: 6mm and 5.5mm. Plus a button! Now that I've got you all excited, go grab the pattern ot Etsy or Ravelry and get started! Be sure to tag me on social media if you make one! :D

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