New Crochet Pattern: Hooded Cowl with Fringe

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Get in, loser, we're making a hooded cowl! ...Okay I still have never seen Mean Girls, but that doesn't mean I don't use that line all the time. Only in my head though, because I'm afraid people will start asking me questions about the movie I've never seen. And don't really want to even watch it? Ugh, I can hear the arguments already. Anyway, the new crochet pattern is this big, chunky, hooded cowl with fringe! The pattern is available at HELLOhappy shop, Etsy, & Ravelry.


It works up suuuper quick, so it's a great last-minute christmas gift for the stylish gal OR guy in your life. Seriously I think guys look even cooler than girls wearing this, haha. I need to ask my coworkers to let me take pictures of them in this...

Also, hey, I somehow only discovered the shed doors in the back yard make a fantastic photo backdrop, so you can expect to see more of them in the near future.


  • super bulky weight 6 yarn (lion brand wool ease thick n quick is perfect for this cowl, you'll use up 96% of 2 skeins.)

  • 9mm hook

  • tapestry needle

I was just kind of playing around when I made the dark grey one, so I didn't take any photos while making it, cuz I kept unraveling and re-working things over and over. Typically when I make patterns I'm really good at mapping them out first and there's not many changes I have to make. So, because of that, I went ahead and made a second one and took all the photos for the pattern pdf with it.

aggressively pretending to be a fashion model

Hope y'all like it!!

Buy the pattern:

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Me encanta tejer a crochet… excelente página.

Gloria Saavedra

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