New Crochet Pattern: Alpaca Phone Sleeve

Another new crochet pattern has landed! I came up with the design forrrever ago, like over a year ago, and I even crocheted like 60% of one about 8 months ago, but for whatever reason, I just hit a wall and didn't want to touch it haha. So I started from scratch a month ago and finally finished it! I think I avoided making the pdf for like 2 weeks after it was finished, too...this pattern is cursed for me or something! My finished alpaca phone sleeve crochet pattern is available on etsy & ravelry, and hopefully it won't curse you, too!!

Oh, hello!

One of the things about this pattern that made me abandon it was all of the little pieces that needed to be sewn on. That right there is the number one reason why I rarely make any amigurumi! They're soooo cute, but I want to kill myself when I'm crocheting them.

So unless there's a demand for them, I won't be offering the finished sleeve for sale.


  • worsted weight yarn in 2 colors - the body is made with 2 strands held together so it works up faster

  • button eyes

  • needle & thread (for embroidery)

  • tapestry needle

After I finally finished making all the little pieces and sewed on the face, it took me a while to figure out the placement for the legs. I decided on the front legs pretty quick, but I went back and forth on the legs for several days, and even asked for help on instagram! But I think I made the right choice.

Now go and carry your phone around in kawaii style; grab the pattern on etsy or ravelry!

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