My first crochet sweater!

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Guys I'm so excited to share my current personal project: a crochet sweater!! It's the first sweater I've ever made. I officially started on November 16th 2017, (thank you to ravelry's project feature) so if I manage to finish it by November 16th, 2018, I'll be happy. [Note on 3/21/19: I still did not finish lol ] [7/21/20: huh another note on the 21st day haha. I frogged this sweater. My tastes are more subdued these days and I just didn't want to wear it anymore] This is what I'm making:

It's called, very descriptively, the Bobble Sweater, and it's written by Nicki Trench. And it's SO ME. When I showed my fiance, he was like "that sweater is so you." See? Anyway, the sweater's part of a book (one of several she's published!) called Geek Chic Crochet, which you can get on amazon in paperback* (some really cheap used ones!) or kindle*. I got the kindle* version because I wanted to start immediately!

You can also do an online search of all libraries near you for this book, which is such a cool we're-living-in-the-future option, you know?

 Here are all the patterns included in the book, there are a ton!! And several really cute cardigans!! I also wanna make this one, but that probably won't happen for...well, years. Let's be real. LOL

Looks like the bobble sweater & this one were made with the same yarn, too. And speaking of yarn, let me show you what I decided to go with:

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I'm using Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold* in color way 165, salmon. It's a lovely dk weight, and the fiber content is 45% Wool, 35% Silk, 20% Nylon. And super light weight, which is necessary for a sweater made of bobble stitches! It actually feels a lot like cotton, it's soft but sturdy. It's also $12.50 for 50g at my local yarn shop so I'm gonna go broke on this thing hahaha. I'll just buy 2 skeins at a time and go nice and slow. If I don't get matching dye lots, I don't think it'll be noticeable.

So after the first 2 skeins, I've got this:

It's the back panel, about 75% finished. So maybe I'll need like, 4 more skeins? Time will tell. Also, don't look too closely at this thing, you'll see too many mistakes! Bahaha. But they're mostly just on the edges, and I think you won't notice when it's all sewn up.

Swimming in the great pink bobble sea, with naturally occurring dog hair

So hopefully I'll be able to wear this by next winter!! And I won't over-heat and die because the yarn is perfect!!

What are you guys working on right now? Have you ever crocheted or knit a sweater? Leave me a comment!

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