Monthly Koala Planter Donation Totals

I originally created my koala planter pattern as a way to donate to Australia, to help people and animals (okay mostly animals) that were hurt by the ongoing fires during 2019-2020. I also decided when I published it that it would permanently be a donation item, because global warming is going to make this happen possibly every year, and that proceeds would be donated for the entire life of the pattern. So here are the donations I've made each month:

January 2020:

A great start!

$240 to WIRES and $240 to AU Red Cross.


February 2020:

A much smaller amount, but I'm happy to be able to donate!

$61 to WIRES and $61 to AU Red Cross


March 2020:

I'll now be switching over to WIRES 100%. The red cross has some iffy practices and lots of Australians have made posts on social media to not donate to them, so it'll all go to WIRES.

I actually forgot to donate this month. Covid had me in a deep depression and I just couldn't focus on anything.


April 2020:

With covid hitting and my husband's salary security up in the air, I can't donate 100% at this time. I'm donating 50% of sales for this month and from march (which I forgot about)

$161 to WIRES


May 2020:

Again I'm donating 50% for the same reasons.

$52 to WIRES


June 2020:

I'm able to donate 100% this month!

 $202 to WIRES


July 2020:

I can't remember if this was 100% or 50% anymore, sorry! Hah (I'm writing this in september)

 $110 to WIRES


August 2020:

Unfortunately my income is way way down this month and I'm unable to donate. I'm sorry lil koalas and wallabies, I have to pay my bills. :(


September 2020:

Same story as last month. I just barely covered my bills this month, can't donate.


October 2020:

Well I can't do much, but I donated $20!


Total donated since January 2020: $1,147

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