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So it's been a while since my last blog post. I've had a hard time feeling any motivation whatsoever. Whoops! I'm actually going to switch over to squarespace from my self-hosted wordpress site soon, so I'll be spending a ton of time on my blog for the next month, even though I won't be posting. :p


But let's get down to business! You might know Kara of K Hook Creations from her blog, her instagram, or her twitch stream, but if you don't, she's a fellow nerdy crocheter who loves pokemon and nintendo and everything cute! She does crochet streams on twitch and tries to raise money for charity, which is super awesome!

One week from now, on March 20th, she'll be hosting a fun CAL (crochet-along) event, featuring my meowth planter pattern! The idea is that everyone watches and crochets together at the same time. Sounds fun, right?

But you'll need the pattern first! For one week only, you can download the pattern right here, for free!

The CAL is over and the pattern is now at Etsy & Ravelry.

My meowth planter is perfect for your new little succulent! You'll need worsted (weight 4) yarn with either a 6mm or 6.5mm size hook (depending on your tension). He works up in under 2 hours and you can have lots of fun designing his face.

The pattern will be free for just one week, so grab it now! Afterwards you'll be able to purchase it on etsy or ravelry.

Don't forget to tune into Kara's stream on the 20th and join the CAL!

(you can rewatch the stream on her channel)

You can get the pattern at Etsy & Ravelry

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