Let's make a Moss Sweater! Part 5 - Make the sleeves!

If you're just tuning in, we're making a sweater! Click on the "Moss Sweater" tag at the bottom of the post to see the previous/next parts!

Yay, it's sleeve time!

We're starting from the bottom!

The sleeves are crocheted from the bottom up, just like the sweater, because I wanted the stitches to be going in the same direction. 

You'll start by doing a chain, then joining, and crocheting in rounds from there on. But you gotta figure out how many chains to start with-this is the wrist hole, and it should be a tapered fit, but you need to be able to fit your fist through it as well, because of course, it's not really stretchy. So you'll have to play around with different chain counts.

I suggest chaining 30 to start, then do 2 rows of moss stitch and see how it fits. Undo and redo different numbers until you get the right fit.

You can also measure your hand like the photo below, and make that the measurement of the start of your sleeve!

Start the sleeve!

Either make both sleeves at the same time, or write down VERY CLEARLY what you do for each row, so you can replicate it on the other sleeve. Plus you'll need to know your starting chain count later to make the ribbed cuffs!

Okay, so chain the number you decided on. Mine is 24. Sl sl to your first ch. 

R1: Ch 1 (doesn't count as st, don't crochet into it). sc entire row. 

R2: do 3sc into each st. Make sure you finish with an even numbered stitch count, so on your last st, you might only have 2 st, which is totally fine.

R3-the middle of your forearm: moss stitch! Ch 1 (doesn't count as st) to start. You can do joinless rows from this point, just use a stitch marker. 

R10 is where I hit the middle of my forearm, which is about where you want to start decreasing. So keep going if until you hit the middle of YOUR forearm! This will be a slow decrease, and you want to stagger them, so there are no visible long lines of decreases. 

How do decrease with the moss stitch

It's super easy, just...skip a chain! So wherever you've decided to decrease, do your sc stitch and then simply sc into the next chain space without doing a ch between them. On the next row, you treat the two sc stitches as 1 stitch, and you ch over them as normal.

Continuing the sleeve

I'm going to post the pattern for my sleeves down below, and you'll need to adapt it for your own sleeves!

R11: moss normally, with 1 decrease

R12: moss stitch entire row

R13-R28: repeat 11-12 

The stitch count (sc and ch each counting as 1 st each) here was almost the same as my armhole stitch count (only 4 stitches larger), so keep doing alternate normal/decrease rows until you get very close to that also.

Now I did just regular moss stitch rows until I got up to my shoulder. 

R29-R61: moss stitch entire row

R62-R63: do whatever decreases I need to, to match my arm hole stitch count.

Finish off with a very, very long tail to sew onto your sweater.

Sew the sleeves onto your sweater with a whip stitch!

You're nearly at the end now!! Only the ribbed cuffs are left! How exciting!

Come back next week for the final part!



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