Let's make a Moss Sweater! Part 2 - Measuring and Swatching

If you're just tuning in, we're making a sweater! Click on the "Moss Sweater" tag at the bottom of the post to see the previous/next parts!

Now that you've got your supplies ready, it's time to figure out HOW to make the sweater!

Take your measurements

The first step is very important-you gotta know what size you need to make your sweater! If you already have a sweater you wanna copy the measurements of, then just measure your sweater! For this pattern I made the front and back the same width, which is definitely the easiest way to go, especially if you're planning to make a semi-oversized sweater. 

If you don't have a sweater, measure your body! Measure around either your bust or belly, depending on which is bigger. Then add 2-6 inches to that number. Depends on how you want it to fit. 2 inches will be not oversized at all, 6 will be very cozy. But this is kinda up to you. This is known as "positive ease" if you want to google it and read more. I added 2 inches to mine, but it's stretched out a little and it's more like 3 now. But 5 inches would be comfortably oversized.

Now divide that number by 2, and you'll have the width for the front and back panels.

You don't need to measure your arm length, because we'll just be crocheting the sleeve on its own, so you can just stop when it hits right.

Likewise, you don't need to measure the length of your torso, because you can just hold the panels up and stop when it seems right.

At least, that's my method lol. 


These are US crochet terms (google US to British crochet terms if necessary)

  • sc - single crochet
  • ch - chain
  • moss - moss stitch (explained below)
  • sl st - slip stitch

Let's swatch!

We're just gonna do a few rows of the sc moss stitch. Easy peasy.

Grab your yarn and hook, and chain 22 (21 + 1 turning chain)!

R1: turn. sc into the second ch from hook, ch 1 and skip the next ch. Repeat *sc, ch 1 skip* until you've got 1 stitch left, then sc into it.

R2: ch 1, turn. sc into the first stitch, and into the next ch space. Repeat *ch 1, sc into the next ch space* until the last st, then sc into it.

R3: ch 1, turn. sc into the first stitch. Repeat *ch 1, sc into the next ch space* the entire row

Repeat R2 and R3 until your swatch is around 4 inches tall. You can just unravel this when you're done, so don't cut your yarn.

What's that, you'd like a chart? Well here you go!!

Math time!

Now grab a ruler/tape and count how many stitches are in 2 inches. (each sc and ch counts as individiual stitches)

Calculate how many stitches you need for your width by doing some math! Eww, math.

[width] / 2 (which is the measurement of stitches we're taking) = x

x * [number of stitches in 2 inches] = y

So y is the number of stitches you need to make each panel width! 

Let me show you a real-world example.

Let's say you determined each panel needs to be 27 inches wide.

27 divided by 2 is 13.5 inches.

Let's say you've got 8 stitches in 2 inches. Multiply 13.5 by 8 and you get...108. So your starting chain will be 108 stitches! Except you have to use an odd number for the moss stitch repeat we're doing, so make that 109.

And that's it! Next week we'll start crocheting the front panel! :D

If anyone has trouble with the math, leave your numbers in the comments and I'll help you out! Or feel free to use the contact form on the contact us page!


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