Learn a new skill with punch needle kits!

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Is anyone else really interested in trying out punch needling right now? Is that the right term, punch needling? Haha it sounds wrong, but I can't think of any other way.

I decided to check out what Etsy sellers had to offer and I wasn't disappointed! I can totally see my future Christmas present to myself on this list!

First up is this pretty, retro flower design! I love everything about this.

Is that previous one a little too ~serious~? Have a kawaii strawberry kit instead!

And staying in the same kawaii theme, here's a cute little shiba!

How about an adorable mushroom? Probably shouldn't eat it though.

Here's a pretty botanical kit! You can choose which of the 3 kits you want. Or just buy all 3! No one's stopping you!

And here we see the beautiful, timeless painting: hamster with the pearl earring and boba tea. Truly an art piece for the ages.

Here's another multi-option kit! Look at all the cute animals!

I saw pikachu, I saw totoro, I had to share this one. I'm a simple person.

And lastly, these cute little lemons! I'm such a sucker for lemon prints, they make kitchens look so cute! :D


So have you tried punch needling? Are you thinking about it? Which kit is your fav? Let us know in the comments!

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