How to make crochet leaf laurels

I'm back with a new, free crochet pattern: leaf laurels! You've seen watercolor and ink leaf laurels all over pinterest and instagram, in website banners, art journals, and more, but have you seen them in crochet?? You have now! And I'll teach you how to make them!


  • worsted weight yarn

  • 4mm hook

  • tapestry needle

You can of course use any weight of yarn you have, as long as you use a proper hook size. I just happened to use some ww yarn I had on hand.


Chain 24 (or more/less)

R1: sl st into each st. Use a light tension, you're just doing this to reinforce your chain, you don't want it to shrink up!

Finish off, weave in ends.


Chain 4 (counts as ch 3 + 1 turning ch)

R1: -carry your starting tail through so you don't have to weave it in later- dc+hdc into the first ch, sc in the next, sl st to the 3rd ch. Now ch 1 and sl st into the same ch again. Then go around the other side of the starting ch and sc into the next ch, then hdc+dc into the last. Finally, sl st into the top of the very first dc you made.

Finish off & leaf a tail (hah) about 6 inches long for sewing onto the branch.

Here's a little chart I threw together for you:

Some progress photos:


First sew on the bottom 2 leaves, then the top 2. Afterwards, arrange the rest of them evenly (or evenly-ish) between them.

And you're done!

So what the heck do you use these cute (but kind of pointless??) things for? Well they obviously make adorable photos. Use 'em in your instagram feed, in your shop photos. Sew them onto finished projects like pillows or bags! You can even take some photos of them on a plain background and use it in a business card!

And yes, I was inspired juuust enough to make an example of that last one:

Just look at how cute that is! Feel free to completely steal this idea, it's yours. I mean I've even given you the font names. 😂

So how are you going to use these leaf laurels?? Comment below and/or tag me on instagram to see your finished project!

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