How to make a pretty wall hanging with yarn and crocheted flowers

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Hey guys, I'm back with a wall hanging tutorial! This project is super easy and is only limited by your imagination. :) You can scale it up and make a wedding backdrop, or scale it down and hang it in front of a window. The inspiration for this crochet flowers wall hanging came from my first foray into macrame.


I followed a youtube video tutorial (can't remember which one, sorry!) and this was the result. Honestly it's not bad, but the yarn makes it hard to see the individual knots, so it ends up just looking really messy. I had it hanging on the wall for several weeks as a shameful reminder of this not-success, when I realized something:

It would look way better just hanging straight down!

So I unraveled all the knots and sewed some crochet flowers on! And it's become a permanent resident of the hallway window:

I originally put the plants here because they had to be brought in from the unheated mudroom for winter, but I think I'm going to keep them here permanently. I get to see them every time I walk into/out of my craft room, it's so nice! Btw you can get a Bulbasaur planter* like this on etsy! I painted mine with light blue chalk paint.

So let's get on to what you're gonna need to make your own!


  • Yarn. Of course, yarn! I used 3 different yarns. The main one that's standing out is Red Heart Boutique Sashay*. Yes, it's that yarn everybody's aunt uses to make those hideous ruffle scarves. Clearly this yarn has more uses than just that!! I used the Champagne colorway. The stripey bits are from Lion Brand Scarfie* in cream/taupe, and the skinny little guys are Patons Lace*. Obviously I don't expect or encourage you to go buy expensive yarns just for a tiny project, but I bet you have some leftovers that'll work great! Although if you're making several hangings for an event, or making a huuuge piece, go for it and buy the most glorious yarn you find!

  • A stick. A little branch, a huge piece of driftwood, a dowel from the hardware store. Something to hang.

  • More yarn, for the flowers. If you get a striped yarn, you can have coordinated multicolored flowers, but it's up to you. I used a dk weight (3) yarn, but sadly I can no longer remember what brand it is, and I lost the sleeve.

  • 5mm hook. But this isn't required, you can use whatever hook/yarn combo you want for the flowers. Whatever you think looks good!

  • Tapestry needle

  • Glue gun. Aww yeah, we're doing real crafts now!

Let's start!

Okay, grab your stick and some yarn. First figure out how long you want this hanging to be, then multiply that by 2 and cut your first yarn strand that length. Then you'll stick it onto your branch like this:

Now do it 100 more times! Or 5. Or 17. Whatever looks good! The beauty of this project is that it's so easy to add and remove strands as you go, until you're happy.

So I ended up with 11 strands of the sashay yarn. After that I cut enough strands of the scarfie yarn to put between  sashay strands, plus 1 on each end. But not between EVERY sashay strand. Why? It felt right. :) Just go with it!!

But I felt like it needed a little more texture, so in comes the lace yarn!

Ahhh now it's feeling good. Got that max-hippie vibe going on.

Now you'll want to tie on the hanging strand. You might want to use twine, I just went ahead and used 2 strands of the lace yarn.

Just tie a double knot on each side, then use your tapestry needle to weave in the ends.

Honestly, you could just stop here. It's pretty. It's really pretty. And I actually really dig the free form, unrefined shape of the edge there, it looks really organic and soft.

But we're here to add flowers! So let's go!

To make the flowers, you make a chain, then do a row of sc, ch2, sk, make hdc petals in the ch spaces, then use the tails to sew it into a round shape. You can, and should, play with these numbers, to get the correct size of flowers for your project. With that said, here's the stitch count I used:

Make a chain of 33

R1: turn, ch1 (doesn't count as stitch), *sc, ch 2 and skip the next* repeat * to * until end of row, you'll end on sc.

R2: ch1 turn, 3hdc into the first ch2 space. sl st into the next space. 3hdc into the next space, sl st into the next space. 3hdc into the next space, sl st into the next space. *5hdc into the same space, sl st into the next space. 4hdc in the same space, sl st into the next space.* repeat * to * until end of row, then sl st into the same space.

Finish off and leave a tail around 6 inches long. Wind your shape into a circle and use both tails to secure it. Simply tie the two tails into a double knot together when done, and cut the tails short.

I randomly made 7 flowers with no game plan what-so-ever. You might want to try actually planning out your finished wall hanging though. Hahaha

Alright, now's the fun part! Lay your wall hanging flat and do some flower arranging!

And now it's time to warm up your glue gun!

Hot glue doesn't stick to wood, but you still want to be careful not to potentially burn your floor. If you've got carpet, lay down a plastic cutting board, hot glue doesn't really stick to that, either.

Put a bit of glue in a ring shape near the center of each flower and lightly press down onto the hanging. Use light pressure, and give it several little love taps. Just a lil love. Not too much. And of course, add glue to each flower one at a time, since hot glue dries so quick!

Once that's done, peel off any glue strings and hang it up!!

Once it's hanging, trim (or don't) the bottom however you like. I did mine sort of round-y, but you can leave it straight, or do a V or ^ shape. But I have to confess, I think I preferred it un-trimmed! I love the messy, organic look!

Oh well.

I hope you guys liked this tutorial! And I'd love to see all your finished projects!! Tag me on instagram @hellohappycrafts so I can see them!

And if you'd be so kind, please share this tutorial on pinterest with the image below. :)

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