How To Crochet Online Course

Want to learn how to crochet?

Don't want to waste time scrolling through endless YouTube videos?

Want to learn how to read written crochet patterns so more patterns are open to you?


What you need is a class focused on the foundations of crochet, not just a bunch of random tutorials. That's why I've developed this course to truly teach about crochet.


That's right, I've created a crochet course, and it's awesome!

In my course you will...

Learn the basics

You'll learn about yarn, tools, and other supplies, along with in-depth tutorials on how to hold your yarn, basic stitches, and more!


Make a headband

Once you've got a grip of the basics, you'll use the knowledge you've gained to make an actual, wearable headband!


Learn to read patterns

You can follow along to any old video tutorial, but if you don't learn how to read patterns, you can only ever follow along. In this course you'll also learn the basics of how to read a written crochet pattern, opening up the entire world of crochet to you!


Sound good?
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But don't take my word for it, check out this testimonial!

"I loved this course! I’m a visual-learner, and as someone who’s never crocheted before, these videos were easy to follow along with. I loved that I could slow them down if needed! She also has pdf’s to follow as well, which is super nice. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to crochet!!"

-Ashley J


Ashley enjoyed the course so much that she made a second, smaller headband for her daughter, immediately after finishing the first headband!

To summarize...

What you'll learn:

☑️ All about yarn, hooks, and other supplies

☑️ The foundations of crochet

☑️ How to read written crochet patterns

☑️ How to make a headband


What you won't have to do:

🚫 Waste hours searching on YouTube

🚫 Have no idea what you're actually doing

🚫 Be stuck only following video tutorials forever because written patterns look like gibberish to you

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