Give Support To Ukranians Directly By Purchasing Their Crochet Patterns On Etsy!

So, it happened, Russia has invaded Ukraine. And I think most people would like to help, but aren't sure how. One way is to purchase instant downloads from Etsy sellers in Ukraine! The money goes directly to them, and they don't have to worry about sending you anything. A great way to directly support the people of Ukraine is by purchasing crochet patterns! You can get yourself an adorable new project AND help someone who is likely in need.

I've gathered up a few patterns that I think are absolutely darling, but if you'd like to do your own searching, here are some search links already set up with Ukraine as the shop location. Plus I've included knit patterns, sewing patterns, and SVG files, too! Make sure anything you're purchasing is an instant download.

Direct search links:

Crochet patterns

Knitting patterns

Sewing Patterns

SVG files

Now a word of warning, many listings use both crochet and knit in the listing tags and titles (ugh, no, people, don't do this!!)  sooo pay attention and make sure you're buying the right craft pattern haha.

Now let's get onto my finds!


1. Grey Sea Waves Crochet Neck Warmer
2. Boho Crochet Cowl Pattern
3. Crochet sun hat pattern
4. Crochet Tote Bag Pattern
5. Pink purse with rose flower
6. Beanie Hat With Bead
7. Amigurumi mushroom bookmark

Those cowls especially are so pretty! And the bookmark is such a great idea!

Home Decor

1. Sloth Cushion
2. Crochet butterfly pattern
3. Crochet Raccoon wall hanging pattern
4. Wall hanging Bear
5. Crochet pattern lavender flower
6. Monstera Leaf Rug Pattern

Firstly cute! Those butterflies could be used to decorate a wall, or you could incorporate them into a wall hanging, or you could turn them into accessories like earrings, a necklace, hair clips. And I love everything lavender so I had to include that lovely pattern!


1. Summertime Vintage Crochet Top Pattern
2. Festival Top Pattern
3. Veronica Tank Top

This is the smallest collection for this post, because like I mentioned earlier, many designers put both "crochet" and "knit" into their tags and titles, so it was just really hard to find non-knit clothing items, unfortunately. But if you're a knitter, I saw some GREAT sweaters, so look out for those!


1. Alpaca
2. Birthday crochet cupcake
3. Duckling
4. Kitten baby rattle
5. Bunny
6. Sunflower in a pot
7. Otter
8. Big sloth
9. Budgie
10. Christmas Cat tree
11. Dachshund Dog

Ohhhhkay I think we can all agree that there are some seriously awesome amigurumi designers in Ukraine!! Have you ever seen anything better than the cat tangled up in christmas lights? No, no you have not. And those perfect otters! The ducklings!! The baby rattles, ahhhh! There were about 100 more I wanted to feature, but it was getting a bit out of hand lol, so here are 11 to start you off.

And there you have it! Be sure to browse around etsy and find more great patterns yourself, and support Ukrainians in this time of need.

Disclosure: There are zero affiliate links in this post, I will not make a single cent from any purchase you make. ✌️

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