Free Crochet Pattern: Mini Totoro! #totoroIRL

It's finally time. Time for what? Time to release my mini Totoro crochet pattern!! I first made this guy something like 3 years ago, and it remains one of my favorite patterns of all time.

Totoro's home is in the forest, so I love taking photos of him on hikes.

Taken at Glacier National Park in Montana

He's a nice, tiny, pocket-sized friend, so he's easy to take along on any adventure. Also, if you have any silly photo apps on your phone...well. This.

And this.

These stickers are from LineCam, I know you want them.

So anyway.



Now you can make your own tiny Totoro! I'm so excited to share this pattern and see where your Totoro goes! After you make this guy, share him with #totoroIRL so everyone can see him! Or her. I don't know if Totoro have a gender preference, but it seems unlikely. And yes, the plural of Totoro is Totoro.

Let's get started!


  • worsted weight yarn in body color and white. You won't need much at all, it's a good leftovers project.

  • 4mm hook for the body, 3.25mm hook for the eye whites

  • eyes-I use tiny scrapbooking brads, but you can use buttons or beads or googly eyes or felt or safety eyes or...whatever

  • tapestry needle

  • stuffing

  • 18-22 gauge craft wire, any gauge in that range is fine

  • wire cutters

This totoro is based off of the tiny white one from the movie, which doesn't have a patterned tummy. It seems like the tummy doesn't develop until it's older & bigger, and as it continues to age it gets more ^ marks. So we're making a cute little baby Totoro. Man, I wish I had a real baby Totoro!

First make the ears. Make a magic ring of 4 sc.

R1: *sc, 2sc* repeat (6) R2: *sc, sc, 2sc* repeat (8)

Finish off, leave a very short tail on each ear.

Now we'll be crocheting the ears together. Keep the end tails facing each other like this. Now, insert your hook into what will be the outer edge of one of the ears.

Chain 1, then sc into the same st. Sc into the next 3 st.

Now sc into 4 stitches of the other ear, remembering to keep the end tail in the middle.

Now you're done with the first side! it again! Sc into the next 4 st, then the last 4 st of the other ear, then sl st into your first sc. You'll have a small hole in the middle where the ears meet. Simply weave the end tails through the hole and tie them off. Boom, hole gone!

I tried taking photos of the tails being used to close the gap, but you can't really tell what's going on in the photos. But hopefully you understand anyway.

Moving right along, we'll call that R1.

R2: ch 1, sc into same st, and into the next 6 st. 2sc in the next st. sc into the next 7 st, 2sc in the next. Sl st to first sc. (18)

R3-R7: ch 1, sc into each st, sl st to first sc (18)

Finish off. You don't need to leave a usable tail.

Now it's time to make the eye whites! You could use felt instead, and sew or glue it on, it's up to you.

Grab your 3.25mm hook and make a magic ring of 6 sc, then sl st to the first sc and that's it. Now before finishing off, bring your open loop through to the back of white, then finish off. It'll keep the little knot bump thing from showing.

Pull the loop through to the back by bringing your hook up through the stitch like this.

Attach your eyes to the whites, then sew the whites onto your lil Totoro bean. Weave the needle through the bottom of the whites, so the stitching doesn't show.

On the subject of eyes, let's discuss. I used little tiny scrapbook brads.

Try not to look at my cuticles...dang

They have two little feet you bend into place to hold it. You can re-inforce them with a bit of glue if you like, but it's usually not necessary. Now if you were giving this to a kid, brads are not a good way to go at all, they can be pulled out pretty easily, but for items that are essentially shelf-sitters, they're great.

You could definitely use buttons if you have some small enough.

This button is about 6mm and would work great with either black or white thread.

You could use safety eyes, but I have the worst time with those, trying to get the backs on. I hate them. I really do. They do look nice though, so use them if you like. could always skip making the eye whites altogether and use...googly eyes...

But you will need to be prepared to laugh every single time you look at your Totoro! bahahaha

Just let that image seer into your brain for a minute.


So now we'll make Totoro's butt. With your 4mm hook again, chain 8.

R1: ch1 turn (so 9chain total, but this is the turning chain, so ignore it), sc in the first 7 st. do 3 sc in the next st. Now, working on the other side of the starting chain, sc in the next 6 st, and 2sc in the last st. Then sl st to your first sc. (18)

Finish off and leave a tail about a foot long. Now use the tail to sew the butt to the body. Be sure to line it up correctly so he's nice and wide. But first, add some stuffing. Use scrap yarn, polyfill, cotton balls, whatever you got. After you've nearly sewn the whole thing, add a little more stuffing as needed before finishing up!

And then you're finished!! Now if you want to make this guy extra photographable, you're gonna want to make him a little wire stand.

Cut a piece of wire about 8" long. Use your tapestry needle to weave the wire in like this:

Now...twist it! And curl the sharp ends so they don't scratch you.

Then fold your twist over and your little stand is done.

You can bend and shape the wire as needed on any surface to help your little guy stand up! Eventually the wire will probably break after being bent so many times, but mine is still fine after 3 or so years, and it'll be easy enough to replace it! can use it to carry Totoro on a belt loop.

Like this! I just squeeze the wire tight around the loop and then you have quick access! Women's pants generally don't have proper pockets to fit him into, and if you have to take him out of a bag and put him back in every time you see a photo opportunity, you probably won't take as many photos. So this is my preferred carrying method. 👍
I hope you guys enjoyed my free mini Totoro crochet pattern! Be sure to take lots of adorable photos of your little buddy and show them off with the #totoroIRL hashtag!

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