Free crochet pattern: Flan Cat

Oh hey guys, hope you didn't forget about me during my long absence! I'm finally back with a new, free crochet pattern. It's a cute little flan cat, and it hopes you're a vegan!!

I decided to try a new skill on this guy: a painted face. I used cheap acrylic paints I already had on hand, so if you decide to use buttons/embroidery instead, go right ahead! Thought this would be a fun project to try it out on. Let's get to the pattern already!!


  • worsted weight yarn in medium or dark brown, and beige or mustard. I used vanna's choice* for all.

  • 3.25mm hook*. You could go up to a 4mm if you want, the cat would just turn out a little bigger, not much though.

  • acrylic paint in black, white, and pink. I actually only had red, so I mixed it with white to get pink.

  • small paint brushes. You need a reeeally skinny one to make the mouth and blush marks.

  • tapestry needle*

  • stuffing (scrap yarn will work great for this)

(*affiliate link)


End every round of the body with a slip stitch. Start every round with a ch1 (doesn't count as a stitch), then make the first sc into that same slipped stitch. Don't worry about that with the little bits, just the body.


Make a magic ring of 6sc with your brown yarn.

R1: 2sc into each st (12)

R2: 2sc into each st (24)

R3: *sc, sc, 2sc* repeat til end of round (32)

R4: *sc x 3, 2sc* repeat til end of round (40)

R5: *sc x 6, dec2tog* repeat til end of round thru back loops only (35)

We're decreasing here on R5 to define the flat top shape.

R6: switch to your yellowish color. *sc x 6, 2sc* repeat til end of round (40)

R7: sc into each st (40)

R8: *sc x 7, 2sc* repeat til end of round (45)

R9-R12: sc into each st (45)

R13: *sc x 7, dec2tog* repeat til end of round (40)

R14: *sc x 3, dec2tog* repeat til end of round (32)

Now put your hook down for a minute, don't finish off. We're gonna pause and make the ears, then sew them on, then we'll finish the body.


Make a magic ring of 4sc with your brown yarn

R1: *sc, 2sc* repeat (6)

R2: *sc x 2, 2sc* repeat twice (9)

Finish off & leave tails for sewing, then sew them on. You'll want to add stuffing to fill out the body, it's easier to sew the ears on that way.

If you're going to embroider the face/sew on buttons instead of painting, you should do that now!!

Body Cont.

R15: *sc x 2, dec2tog* repeat til end of round (24)

Add more stuffing

R16: dec2tog entire round (12)

Add more stuffing

R17: dec2tog entire round (6)

Add the last bits of stuffing & finish off. Use the tail to weave the hole shut.


These are all the same, so make 4.

Make a magic ring of 6 with your yellowish yarn. Now do 2 rounds of 6sc & finish off w/long tails. Sew them on like the photos.


Make a magic ring of 6 with your yellowish yarn.

R1: *sc, 2sc* repeat twice (9)

R2-R3: sc into each st (9)

R4: *sc, dec2tog* repeat twice (6)

Finish off & leave a tail for sewing to body. Sew on like the photos.

And now the fun part begins...the painting! Make a little square to practice on first, to test both your skills and to make sure you have the right brush sizes.

What a beauty.

After you feel okay with your skills, do it on the real thing!! Get right in there!


First do the black eye circles, then the little w mouth. Turn it around and make a silly X for the butt if you like. Wait a few minutes until the paint is dry, then do the cutie blush marks ///  w  ///. Lastly, make the smaller white circles inside the black ones. Be careful to leave a noticable black outline, but not TOO thick!

Of course, you can do the face differently if you want! A great google image search for inspiration is "kawaii neko."

So that's the flan cat pattern! I hope you all like it and give it a try, especially the painting part!! Definitely tag me on social media if you post your flan cat, I'd love to see it.

Also, please use the image below to share on pinterest:

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