Free Crochet Pattern Video: cute cat coaster (learn to read crochet patterns)

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Originally posted October 5th, 2015

It’s here, the coaster pattern! I made these for myself to match my current bedroom and instagrammers made it clear that the pattern was wanted. :)

It’s a really easy pattern, it’s all one piece and you can make one 30-60 minutes, depending on your speed.

Edit on December 21, 2022: And now it's even easier because there's a video! This pattern is now part of my How To Read Crochet Pattern series.








st - stitch

ch - chain

st st - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

hdc - half double crochet

dc - double crochet

tr - treble

inc - increase

* * - repeat the instructions between * and *


(  ̳• · • ̳)
/    づ♡ 

The Pattern

(  ̳• · • ̳)
/    づ♡ 



-work in joinless rounds (use a stitch marker if you need one)

R1: make a magic ring of 6 sc

R2-3: increase around, using hdc (12;24)

R4: *hdc, inc* around (36)

R5: *hdc, hdc, inc* around (48)

R6: *hdc into 3 st, inc* around (60)

Next you'll make the ears. You won't crochet over the entire round.

R7: dc, tr, 3 tr into the next st, tr, dc, hdc, sl st into 7 st, hdc, dc, tr, 3 tr into next st, tr, dc, hdc. Finish off with a sl st, then weave away the end.

If you would like to add any facial features or details, add those now. I chose to leave mine blank for a more minimalist look.

Felt Backing

This is optional, so feel free to skip it. Grab your felt, lay it on top of your coaster, and cut out the shape. Before you sew on the backing with a blanket stitch, sew it to the coaster with an unsecured running stitch, so it'll stay securely in place while you do the actual, attractive stitches. OR you can use sewing clips. I didn't have those at the time I originally made this pattern, or I would have used them!

Once you've got the felt secured to the coaster, sew it on with a blanket stitch. I doubled up my strand for extra thickness.

If you don't know how to do a blanket stitch, here's a video:


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Thank you so much! I love the finished result! ^^


I loved using this pattern, I’m a beginner and this was really easy to follow, thank you so much!


Love the cat coaster!!


Thanks so much


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