Free Crochet Pattern Video: Scarf Coffee Cozy (Learn how to read crochet patterns!)

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Updated December 30, 2022: This pattern is now part of my How To Read Crochet Patterns video series! Scroll down for the video and start learning how to read written crochet patterns today. :)

Originally posted November 23, 2021: Because I know it's everyone's secret fantasy to play dress-up with their coffee cup, I've made a coffee sleeve/cozy crochet pattern that looks like a scarf! Make one in your fav color and look like a totally not weird person! Woohoo!

But in all seriousness, I came up with this idea a couple of years ago and finally made it happen. Btw you can purchase the coffee sleeve display tags seen here from my shop! :D


- Worsted weight yarn. I've used Swish from WeCrochet; it's a very soft, superwash merino wool, available in tons of colors! When I say soft, I mean SOFT.

Swish is the superwash of crocheters’ dreams! By selecting high grade Merino wool (20.5 microns), we have produced a machine-washable yarn that is super soft - definitely worthy of being worn against a baby's skin. Just the ticket for children’s clothes, afghans, and crocheted gifts. No need to worry about the care your finished piece will receive since this yarn can be machine washed and will come out even softer than before!

So, um, yeah, it's really nice yarn.

- 5mm hook

- yarn needle


ch - chain

sc - single crochet

hdc - half double crochet

FLO - front loops only

The video


You'll make a wrap-around sleeve in back and forth rows, then sew together. Next you'll make the decorative fold-over scarf end piece, sew it to the sleeve, then add fringe.

Well then, let's go!


R1: Make a foundation row of 31 hdc. Or you can ch 32, turn, hdc into 31 ch.

R2: ch 1, turn. hdc FLO entire row

R3-R9: ch 1, turn. hdc FLO entire row

R10: ch 1, turn. sc FLO entire row

Finish off with a tail of 10 inches. Sew the two short ends together, then tie off and weave any ends away. This is gonna be completely covered up btw, so it can be as ugly or as beautiful as you like.

As you can see, I happily made mine very lazily and ugly.

Fold-over piece

R1: Make a foundation row of 12 hdc. Or you can ch 13, turn, hdc into 12 ch.

R2: ch 1, turn. hdc FLO entire row

R3-R7: ch 1, turn. hdc FLO entire row

R8: ch 1, turn. sc FLO entire row

Finish off with a tail of 10 inches. Use the tail to sew one end to the sleeve, then tie off and weave ends away.

Sewing the fold over piece to the sleeve

Sew it on the inside of the sleeve, just one row down, so that it comes up over the sleeve, as if it's tied on like a real scarf, rather than sewn on the top & just laying flat and lifeless. Remember to sew it on so the hdc lines are vertical, not horizontal. I seriously sewed it on wrong 3 times in a row LOL. The horizontal lines of the sleeve just kept messing with my brain.

The fringe

I've added 5 fringes, each made of 3 strands (turns into 6 when folded over and...fringed). You can of course experiment with this however you like!

One last thing

Cut a length of yarn and sew the bottom of the fold over piece to the sleeve. Just do a few hidden stitches, so that the scarf stays flat on the bottom. Make sure you're not sewing it so that the top of the fold over piece gets pulled down flat-you want the top to poof up a little!

And you're done!

Now your coffee cup is as fashionable as you are! Or possibly MORE fashionable. I don't know you.

Be sure to tag me on social media if you make a scarf coffee cozy!

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