Free Crochet Pattern: Chevron Hanging Planter

Heyo, it’s been a minute since I posted a new, free, crochet pattern! Today I’m bringing you this cute, simple, chevron striped hanging planter. It fits 3” planters. Yep, just the one size. You can find 3” terracotta pots at just about any garden shop, or if you’re in the USA, Joann Fabrics always has them!

This planter was largely an experiment, and I had no idea if it would work, and it turned out slightly different than I envisioned, but in the end, it somehow all worked out! However, as such, I didn’t take any photos while I was making it, because I kept trying different things. And to be real freaking honest, I don’t feel like making another one JUST to take photos of, for a free pattern. LOL I am the worst!

But you know what? It’s a free pattern so shut yer trap and enjoy!! Hah!


  • Worsted yarn, 20 yards. I believe I used about 17 myself. I used Lion Brand’s Wool Ease, but acrylic is fine. Cotton is fine too, but you’ll want a soft cotton, not the hard stuff you find in most USA shops, because it’s hard to use a 4mm hook with the hard stuff.

  • 4mm hook

  • Yarn Needle

  • Wooden beads (optional)

  • 3” pot with a cute little plant friend


  • st - stitch

  • sl st - slip stitch

  • sk - skip

  • ch - chain

  • sp - space

  • sc - single crochet

  • dc - double crochet

  • * * - repeat the pattern from * to *

Let’s Start!

Ch 16, join to first ch with sl st

R1: *ch 9, sk 3 st, sl st to next st* 4 times

R2: ch 1 (doesn’t count as st) *sc into 4 ch, [sc, ch 2, sc] into 5th ch, sc into 4 ch, sl st into the sl st from previous row* 4 times

R3: ch 3 (counts as dc), *ch 5, dc into ch sp from previous row, ch 5, dc into sl st from previous row* 4 times - when finished, sl st to the 3rd ch you started the row with

R4: ch 1 (doesn’t count as st) *sc into 5 st, [sc, ch 2, sc] into dc from previous row, sc into 5 st, sl st into dc from previous row* 4 times

R5-R6: repeat R3-R4

Finish off, weave in ends.

Measure how long you want your planter to hang from, and cut 4 lengths of yarn double that length. Pull each strand through the ch spaces in R6, and thread on beads if you like, with a double knot above each bead to keep it in place. Then simply gather your yarn lengths and tie a double knot at the top. You could also buy some kind of metal ring, crochet around it, then make chains connecting to the planter…lots of options to explore on that front. I might try something fun and update this post later!

Right now, mine just looks like this. It’s pretty lame…but I’m a bit too busy at the moment to explore further options! You guys are all super creative though, can’t wait to see what you come up with. :)

Hope to see all of your planters all over social media soon!

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So I had to report back that while I have made (SO MANY) plant hangers in the past few weeks, THIS is my favorite out of them all! Easy to follow, well-written instructions are almost hard to come by these days, so I appreciate that most of all!! Thank you!!


I don’t think your hanger looks lame at all! It looks perfect—simple so as not to compete with the beauty of the plant:-). Thank you for the pattern, I’ve been looking for the perfect hanger…looking forward to trying yours!


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