Free Crochet Pattern: Baby Yoda Amigurumi AND Finger Puppet

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Originally posted on December 2nd, 2019. Updated with the finger puppet version!

So, like the rest of the internet, I too am completely in love with The Child, aka Baby Yoda. Many of you know this already, but I hate making amigurumi! I love designing them, but sewing on tiny parts and making fiddly little faces is my least favorite thing in the world, so I almost never do it. And when I DO, I almost never finish! But. Baby Yoda. It put a spell on my heart and I was COMPELLED to make one. And I did! And I’ve decided to share it here for everyone to make their own. Edit: I’ve also added a finger puppet version! Scroll down to grab that pattern.


  • Worsted (weight 4) yarn in green and brown. Have 50 yards of each on hand, I didn’t keep track of the yardage, whoops! But it’s a small amigurumi, it won’t require much yarn. The green I used is from Caron in their One Pound skein (I will literally never run out omg), and the brown is Big Twist Value yarn.
  • 4mm crochet hook. My personal favorite is the Susan Bates ergonomic hook! Or try an amazing!
  • Eyes. I used …cuz that’s all I had! But I think 12-15mm would look amazing! And in the opposite direction, going for 6mm might also look hilariously adorable. You could also crochet a magic ring for eyes too, or try domed buttons!
  • Tapestry needle (if you’re not using a metal one, do yourself a favor and upgrade!!)
  • Stuffing. I always use yarn scraps to stuff my amigurumi because I save all of them! It’s way more eco friendly. :)



Make a magic ring of 6 sc. I made mine in endless rounds/rows and used a stitch marker, but if you’d prefer doing joined rows/rounds, go ahead!

R1-R2: 2sc into each st (12;24)

R3: Repeat *sc x 2, 2sc* until end of row (32)

R4-R10: sc into each st (32)

R11: repeat *sc x 2, dec2tog* until end of row (24)

R12: dec2tog entire row (12)

Finish off. Don’t leave a long tail. Add stuffing after you’ve added the nose, eyes, and ears. Be sure to stuff it nice and full!


Eyes & Nose

Make the nose by wrapping yarn around 2 stitches around 6 times. Then add the eyes, using the nose as a guide, so they’ll be perfectly spaced.



Ch1 + 1 turning ch (2)

R1: turn, 2sc (2)

R2: turn, sc into each st (2)

R3: turn, 2sc into each st (4)

R4: turn, sc into each st (4)

R5: turn, 2sc into first st, sc into next 2 st, 2sc into last st (6)

R6: turn, sc into each sc (6)

R7: ch 1, don’t turn. sc around the long sides of the triangle. Do 2sc into the tip of the triangle. Don’t crochet into the bottom side.

Finish off. Leave a long tail for sewing onto head. Use the eyes as a guide for placement, so they go on symmetrically. Fold the bottom side of the triangle towards the center, to form the ear shape. Then sew them onto the head.



Make a magic ring of 6sc. Again, joining or not is up to you.

R1-R2: 2sc into each st (12;24)

R3: Repeat *sc x 2, 2sc* until end of row (32)

R4: sc into each st (32)

R5: Repeat *sc x 6, dec2tog* until end of row (28)

R6: Repeat *sc x 5, dec2tog* until end of row (24)

R7: Repeat *sc x 4, dec2tog* until end of row (20)

R8: sc into each st (20)

R9: Repeat *sc x 3, dec2tog* until end of row (16)

R10: Repeat *sc x 2, dec2tog* until end of row (12)

Finish off, leave long tail for sewing onto head. Add stuffing and sew to head, adding more stuffing to both the body and head as necessary.

You could just stop here and have a little baby yoda bean! So cute!


Arms & Legs

Make a magic ring of 6sc. Join or not!

R1-R2: sc into each st (6)

Finish off. Leave a tail on each one to sew it to the body. Sew them on as shown in the photos below. Sew the legs on after.



Ch 35 + 1 turning ch (36)

R1-R4: sc into each st (35)

Finish off, leave a long tail. Use the tail to sew the cowl closed with an overlap as seen in the photos. Secure with a knot. Then use the tail to secure it to baby yoda’s head.


A week ago I posted my hand drawn pattern from my ipad into my instagram stories, and at least 3 people made a baby yoda from that! I’m glad everyone else will be able to make one without having to decipher a mess like that now. Can’t wait to see everyone’s yodas (yoda? yodi?), tag me on social media if you make him!


I originally made this guy as a commission for my mother in law, as a gift for her friends. I posted it to instagram and asked if anyone wanted the pattern, and I got a lot of responses asking for it! So here it is.



Follow the amigurumi pattern above through R11.

R12: repeat *sc x 2, dec2tog* until end of row (18)

Finish off. Leave a tail about 12 inches long to sew onto the body with.



Make them the same as the amigurumi pattern


Make a magic ring of 6sc. Join to the first sc with sl st.

R1: ch 2 (doesn’t count as st). dc into each st, then sl st to top of first dc. (12)

R2: ch 2 (doesn’t count as st). repeat *dc, dc, 2dc* then sl st to top of first dc. (16)

R3-R5: ch 2 (doesn’t count as st). dc into each st, then sl st to top of first dc. (16)

Finish off, weave in the tail.


Make the face & add stuffing

Do the nose the same way as above. Then embroider on the eyes the same way, but vertical instead of horizontal. Add a light amount of stuffing to the head after. You’ll add more once you start sewing to the body so don’t stuff it a lot.

Sew the head to the body

Use a ladder/invisible stitch (same thing) to sew the head to the body. Sew under the 2nd row of the body.

Slowly add stuffing as you get close to finishing the sewing. Put it on your fingers and make sure it fits properly while you stuff, because if you add too much, your fingers won’t fit.


Cowl Neck

Ch 20 + 1 (21)

R1: turn. sc into each st (20)

Finish off. Wrap around the puppet, sew ends together using the tails, then do a couple stitches on the back side to secure it, so it can’t be pulled off by a baby. And then you’re done!

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