Favorite Crochet Patterns of the moment

I’m gonna start a regular feature on the HELLOhappy blog, the favorite crochet patterns of the moment! It’s perfect because I don’t have any new content to post right now, being in unpacking mode haha. So I’ll probably do one of these posts a couple times a month and show you guys what other people are making! Some are free, some paid.

Lost in Time


by Johanna Lindahl

Love this triangle shawl. In these colors it reminds me of India, am I right? LisasAttik’s Lost in Time used one color and it gives it a completely different look!

Next up is this beauty:

Hotel of Bees shawl

 by Christina Hadderingh

It’s so unique and pretty! In cream and yellow it gives off the loveliest spring vibes.


by Jessie Lin

And now for a completely different change of pace! This storm trooper is absolutely amazing, look how he poses!! I’m in love.

by The Crochet Files

Lastly I’ll finish this post with this awesome plaid blanket. I believe the skinny stripes are done as surface crochet too, so if you’ve not experimented with that before, this is your chance!

Hope you enjoyed this post and found a new pattern you like :)

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