Current obsession: tshirt yarn baskets

Take a look at that be-yutiful basket duo up there. I saw that randomly on pinterest and clicked the "more like this" icon and became instantly hooked. Ahaha. Haha. Hah. Crochet.

Okay so anyway, I'm just kind of obsessed suddenly. Check out my pinterest board for all of them.

The tshirt yarn makes everything look so cute and squishy! Ahh I'm in love ❤

Just look at all the different stitches people have used! sc, puff stitch, waistcoat...okay so that's like 3. But still. The use of ribbons is great, too! My fav is probably the first one, I love the lace accent (no doubt joann fabrics has THE perfect lace for every project haha). But I really love the 3rd one, and the 5th one and...all of the rest.

I've just got to make a couple this summer!! Have any of you guys made any tshirt yarn baskets? I want to see them! Plus if you get inspired to make some from this post, I want to see them, too!

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