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Let's talk about crochet sweaters! To be honest, years ago, if you'd asked me what my opinion on crochet sweaters was, it would have been...not very positive. But crochet sweaters used to leave a lot to be desired! Over the last 5 years some absolutely incredible pattern designers have published some fantastic crochet sweater patterns! Some look just as cozy as knit sweaters, and others are just BOOM, in your face crochet, but in a good way. At least, I think it's a good way haha.

I've only begun my sweater designing journey, so I have a long ways to go until I'm anywhere near this level. If I ever stop making hat patterns long enough to try, anyway! Hah!

Here's my sweater pattern offering, free on the blog:

Honestly, it's...okay. Probably shouldn't talk bad about my own pattern on my own website LOL but really, I'm just a novice clothing designer, I really don't think my sweater is on the same level as the ones I'm featuring here. But mine is free, so go ahead and try it! :D

But anyway, let's get onto the awesome sweaters by other designers!!

The Harvest Pullover by EvelynAndPeter

The older I get, the more I prefer oversized sweaters, but this one was really pretty, so I had to share it! I think a lot of people who have untrained yarn eyes wouldn't know this was a crocheted sweater! I'm a big fan of the drape, so I would definitely use the same yarn to make one.

Granny Go Round Jumper by IronLamb

Iron Lamb always makes such cute granny patterns! The granny go round is a particular favorite of mine. There are soooo many sweaters you can find on instagram with the #grannygoroundjumper hashtag, so you can see all of the different colors and modifications people have made. It's a pretty beloved sweater and I think you can understand why. :) Personally I really like this sweater made with 70s inspired colors.

Daisy Sweater by BaiRetro

Here's a type of classic-meets-mondern crochet sweater that exploded in popularity during the pandemic. I think people were just looking for ways to slow down and be mindful, and making crochet squares was one way people found very comforting. And you know what? I'm one of those people who really didn't like square motif patterns before 2020 and now I can't get enough! But also, look at this photo. Check out that rack full of apologetically crochet sweaters. Love it! I for one would like to embrace my inner farmers market lady and go FULL ON crochet this year with my wardrobe.

Sunset Sweater by ByKaterinaCrochet

Okay. Okay. I kinda stopped breathing when I saw this one? I had a few patterns saved in my favs, but I went hunting for new ones for this post, and I nearly died. This is glorious. This is the most comfortable looking sweater I've ever seen in my entire life. Knitting? Never heard of her! Seriously though, how badly do you want a hot cocoa right now?? (Cue the Jennifer Coolidge hot dog line, but with hot cocoa!) Apparently the pattern is worked as one piece, splits off when you do the neckline, then rejoins. I think the yarn pick is gonna have a HUGE impact on the comfort level here, so choose wisely. Actually I added this one to my cart and I'm absolutely gonna buy it in the near future.

Follow You Sweater by KayKrochets

Here's something a little different-this sweater is made with tunisian crochet! I only started learning how myself, and I've only made a small rectangle, so I have no idea what reading tunisian crochet patterns is like. But this sweater is SO pretty, so if anyone is brave enough to try it, get it!!

Retro Stripes Sweater by megmadewithlove

A simple, cozy sweater. Definitely a beginner friendly kind of project, and a great way to get your hands dirty, so to speak! Lots of room for creativity with colors here. You could do all one color, limit it to 2, turn it into a scrap uses worsted yarn, so options are pretty much endless.

Patchwork Cardigan by CrochettIt

Ah, the patchwork cardigan. This guy has sure had a good year! I think we can thank Mr. Harry Styles for that, but I think it was bound to happen, even without him. Crochet has just become the absolute picture of comfort during these wild times, and what looks cozier than a bunch of patches sewn together? Once again, the color options here are gonna change the entire feel of this sweater. But the key to this sweater is a buttery soft yarn, and making it nice and oversized on your body.

Merry Mushroom Top by SugareeCo

The mushroom top!! This has been on my wishlist for a while. Ashlynn is such a cutie, a total sweetheart, and I love her patterns! You can see all of the sweaters her testers made on the listing and they all came out so cute. Hers is cropped, but it would be very easy to add length to the body, sleeves, or both!

Desert Duster by amiKashoppe (Karissa)

Can you even imagine coming up with this idea? I've been in love with the Desert Duster for years now, and there's no way I'm ever gonna have the energy to make it, so I will instead live vicariously through anyone who does LOL. I've been buddies with Karissa on instagram for several years now, and this lady does NOT get enough attention! Her patterns are absolutely wonderful, especially this one, which is my personal favorite.


And that's all the sweaters I have for you today! Hope you found something you love!

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