Crochet Pattern: Velvet Dreams Sleeping Mask

The last couple of weeks have been tough. For many days in a row I became one with my couch. I was stressed, sad, confused, and I couldn’t make myself do anything.

And then, the fog in my brain lifted, just a little bit. And this pattern just exploded out of my brain and I had it finished in something like 2 hours, start to finish! I’m calling my new crochet pattern Velvet Dreams, which is the silliest name ever LOL.

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  • 1.85 oz / 56 yards of Bernat Velvet yarn (shown here in vapor gray)

  • 5mm hook

  • Yarn needle

  • 16 inches of elastic (optional)

  • Needle & thread for sewing on elastic


ch - chain

st - stitch

sc - single crochet

inc - increase (do 2 st into 1 st)

dec - decrease (decrease 2 st into 1 st)

Let’s go!

First, make the hearts. You’ll make 4 and crochet 2 pieces together x 2

Ch 1 + 1 turning ch (2)

R1: inc (2)

Do a ch1, turn at the start of each row

R2: inc, inc (4)

R3: inc, sc, sc, inc (6)

R4: inc, sc x 4, inc (8)

R5: inc, sc x 6, inc (10)

R6-R7: sc each st (10)

R8: inc, sc x 8, inc (12)

R9-R10: sc each st (12)

Now you’ll start forming the peaks

R11: dec, sc, sc, dec

R12: sc each st (4)

R13: dec, dec (2)

Finish off. Repeat R11-R13 into R10.

Once you’ve made 4 hearts, take 2 and sc around the outsides of them together.

Next, cut a length of yarn and sew the two hearts together as shown in the photo.

Now it’s time to sew on your elastic! If you don’t have any, instead you can chain into the sides of each heart and make ties that way! But sleeping on a knot won’t be very comfortable, so you’ll probably want to make the ties long enough to wrap all the way around to the front instead.

Sew in on the inside like this. Hold onto the other end and put it on your head to figure out how much elastic you need. Mine was about 14 inches. Sew on the other end to the other side of the headband.

Now start crocheting the band

Ch 6, wrap around your elastic band, then sl st to your first ch to form a loop. You can work in joined or joinless rows, whichever you’d prefer.

R1-R24: dc each st (6)

After a couple rows, use your starting tail to sew your band to the headband. Be sure to get all of the elastic inside!

You may need more or less rows than 24, it depends on your headsize. So check after 24 rows and see how it fits, and add or subtract rows as necessary.

Once you’re done, finish off and use the tail to sew it onto the headband.

Hope you like my new pattern!

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Hey Leslee, r11 is only 4 stitches long, you’re turning after you make those 4 stitches. the other peak of the heart is worked the same way, crocheting into the other half of r10


Hi love the idea I just don’t understand row 11-13 all mine came out looking like was a straight line does the dec sc sc dec go in the same stitch cause I did it like dec next stitch sc next stitch sc next stitch Dec and so forth until I got to the end of the row or do I do all that in one stitch I’m so sorry you definitely don’t need to respond I’m just really confused

Leslee Hutchison

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