Crochet Pattern: Unicorn Planter

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Unicorn planter! What?! TBH I'm not really a unicorn person, but a few weeks ago, I got a message on Etsy asking if I'd make a unicorn planter pattern that would go with my llama planter, and I thought it sounded fun, so I did it!
What a sweet, summer child I was to think it would be fun.
I mean it was haha, but it wasn't easy!! I spent hours and hours remaking the head in all kinds of different shapes. It was so hard to make something that actually looked right! I looked at all kinds of reference photos, especially from My Little Pony and Tokidoki. It probably took me 8 hours total to finalize the head design, no exaggeration. And then I had to figure out how the heck to make the head stand up!!
You guys! I suffered for this pattern!
But I think it was worth it! BUT that means it has a kind of unique construction, which I did my best to explain with both pictures and words. My tester had no problem, so hopefully most of you won't either! Beginners will likely have a hard time with this one, so it's officially an intermediate pattern, just because of the construction & sewing techniques. The crochet itself is beginner friendly.


Here is a photo of such a washer. I should have painted that nail for the photo lol. It's not very beautiful. 

Anyway, the unicorn planter will fit 2 inch pots. Fill with dirt and add a baby succulent, or fill with rocks and add an air plant! The finished planter is about 6 inches tall.

-Grab the pattern right here at HELLOhappy

-Grab the pattern at Ravelry

-Grab the pattern at Etsy

-Grab the pattern and the yarn together at WeCrochet

-Grab the pattern at Ribblr

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