Crochet Pattern: Striped Elf Hat Scarf

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Hello, Christmas spirit! I'm here to feel you!! Let me in!!! I love fall but I'm kind of indifferent to Halloween most years. I'm ALWAYS ready for twinkling lights and hot cocoa though! Christmas 24/7 over here! Blast Mariah Carey! I'm here for it!!

So here's my latest crochet pattern: Striped Elf Hat Scarf! It's available here at HELLOhappy, Etsy, Ravelry, and soon at WeCrochet!

Now let me tell you a short story about how this pattern came to be! I actually scribbled down this idea like 5 or 6 years ago in my (then) physical crochet sketchbook and...then it just sat there! I had an idea for the yarn: a super soft alpaca type feel (whether actual alpaca or not), and the stripes would be cream/white, and a light blue/blue-green. I had an exact image of this scarf, though it was only a scribble, and I looked for the right yarn for YEARS.

It was during a time when I wasn't exactly comfortable monetarily, so I couldn't just order random yarns online that I thought might work. Especially not at natural fiber prices! Heck, I don't even feel comfortable doing that now haha. So instead I had to rely on the big shops to get something like I was imaging in stock and...nothing. Even when the right texture came around, the blue color I wanted was never in existence.

Y'all it took YEARS to find the right yarn!! WeCrochet came along and went "oh hey, you wanted a light blue yarn for your elf hat scarf? girl we got you."


The hat is pretty easy to make! You make the brim separately, then crochet into it, and do the same row repeats for...a really long time lol. The final hat measures about 62 inches long! And Wonderfluff yarn is like a cloud, it's sooo soft and fuzzy and cozy.

-Buy the pattern right here at! 

-Grab the pattern at Ravelry

-Grab the pattern at Etsy

-Coming soon to WeCrochet

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