Crochet Pattern: Sleepy Sloth Ring Holder

Heyooo I got a new crochet pattern out! It’s my new Sleepy Sloth Ring Holder pattern! How cute is this?!

I’m gonna be real honest here…I purposely set out to make a new sloth pattern. Give the people what they want!! Took me a minute to figure out WHAT, but I realized I kind of hated my current wedding ring holder, and that I could combine these two seemingly unrelated things into a new crochet pattern!


  • Worsted (weight 4) yarn

  • 2.75mm hook

  • Heaving filling (poly pellets, pea gravel, sand)

So to make this cute fella, you use a tiny hook, which creates a tiny stitch, which makes it really sturdy. And you fill the middle with heavy stuff to weigh it down so it doesn’t fall off your dresser/nightstand, taking all your rings with it.

It can hold rings as tiny as size 4! Possibly even a size 3, but I don’t have anything smaller than a 5 so I can’t say for sure. :)

Tags: amigurumi, crochet pattern, jewelry, New Product, plushie, Sloth
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