Crochet Pattern: Pikachu & Oddish Pokemon Pins

Posted on March 02, 2020

This week I’ve got two pokemon-themed patterns for you all! Pins featuring Oddish and Pikachu! I went with a standard look for Oddish, but for Pikachu I decided to go all out and make him all fancy and stuff.


  • Worsted (weight 4) yarn for both

  • 2.75mm hook for both

  • Bar pin (or alternate hardware) for both

  • Little 1/4 inch pom poms for pikachu

Making both of these is super quick and fun! Pretty simple process too. For oddish, sewing the feet on in the right position takes the longest, and for pikachu, sewing on the glasses takes the longest. Super worth it though, look how cute they are!

You could also turn them into keychains, necklaces, hair clips…don’t limit yourself to just pins!

These guys are 2 separate patterns, so here are the links for each!



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