Crochet Pattern: Patchwork Bag


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My latest pattern is something a bit different for me. It's not bright and colorful, it's not super kawaii, it's just a simple and sweet lil patchwork handbag. 

I was sent this Comfy worsted yarn from WeCrochet and I'd just kind of been staring at it for months, trying to figure out how to use it. And then the idea of doing a granny square purse just popped into my head. I tried a few different square ideas I hated before I designed this one. I knew I wanted to incorporate puffs for texture but it took me a while to figure out how. Plus it's a purse so obviously you don't want a bunch of holes in your square!

The finished bag reminds me so much of something you might see in a Japanese zakka magazine! Does anyone else absolutely love browsing zakka magazine images for hours?? Hahaha


That's it! It's super simple. You make a bunch of squares and crochet 'em together, then make a strap! Really good project for tv binging.

I didn't line my bag, but feel free to line yours! A lining would definitely help the bag keep its shape while you're wearing it. You'll have to consult youtube for tutorials though. ;)

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