Crochet pattern inspiration: rectangle lace shawl

Originally published on May 18, 2017

I’m adding the poncho I made based on this shawl at the bottom of the post, so I thought a refresher was in order!

So I have this shawl. Cape. Poncho. Thing? Right. I found it at a thrift store in Missoula, MT a couple years ago and it's definitely in my top 10 list of best thrift store finds.

I don't wear it often because I kind of forget it exists, but I wore it out yesterday for the first time in months and remembered why I loved it in the first place.

The design of this guy is really, really simple. It's literally two rectangles sewn together. No, really.

It would be sooo easy to crochet one of these puppies, either as two long rectangles or afghan squares, flowers etc. I went and took measurements of this guy, here's the diagram:

Numbers are in inches ('murica)

Of course you can knit rather than crochet, but, well, this is HELLOhappy! So the length is 50 inches, and the height is 20 inches. They've sewn the arms together 13 inches in, 8.5 inches up. The neckhole is 14 inches long. You'd take your two pieces, sew them together along the top, skipping the middle 14 inches. Seems really straightforward to me! It would be easy to sew this with purchased lace fabric, too!! If you ever find a vintage lace cotton table cloth, curtain, or blanket, and you're not sure what to use it for...hello there!

Yarn Ideas

As far as yarn goes, you don't want to use anything bigger than sport weight. You don't want to make it TOO lace though, with a giant hook, because then it'll just get snagged on everything. Y'all will have to experiment a little! Personally I think Lindy Chain* from knitpicks would be perfect for this. (*affiliate link)

Now with sizing...I'm tiny. I'm 4'11" and generally wear a size 4, so you may want to make certain areas wider or taller. This is labled as a women's size small. I think the best way to test for size is to aquire some very cheap fabric and sew up a test version!

So let me know if any of you guys attempt to or successfully create one of these rectangle shawls! Comment here, tag me on instagram @hellohappycrafts, do what you gotta do!

Edit on 3/19/19

I made a crochet pattern based on this shawl! My Snowflake Poncho, Winter Storm Warning:

It took me about 100 years, without exaggeration, to start and finish it. I’ll probably never do any clothing items again lol.

You need a 5mm hook and 1500 yards of bulky (weight 5) yarn. And the patience of a saint.

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