Crochet Pattern: Froggy Plushie Phone Bag


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Another day, another crochet bag pattern! But of course, it's a frog. Because it's me and this is all I do now. Bags, and frogs. Well except for that random run of 3 bears in a row that just happened. A fluke, I'm sure.


You can get the pattern here at HELLOhappy, ravelry, etsy, and ribblr.

I had fun with this photoshoot! My husband had this shirt in our donation pile, so I stole it for myself, and now I can pretend it's 2013 again and I'm on tumblr basically 24/7. Those were good times.




I decided I wanted to keep it simple with this bag, with no zipper and no lining. Just crochet the bag and sew on a button! Done! I will admit it was nice not having to sew on another zipper haha.




This a pretty beginner friendly pattern. As long as you've made a stuffed animals before, you should be good.


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Grab the pattern right here at HELLOhappy!

Also available at:





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