Crochet Pattern: Crosses Pot Holder

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I'm back with an unusual kind of pattern for HELLOhappy: a simple pot holder! Every now and then I feel like making something Not adult, adult! Sheesh. Just less *cute* and more "I'm actually a 32 year old grown up" haha.

So I did struggle a bit with this one, actually! Embroidering the crosses was not as straight forward as I was expecting! I kept getting religious kind of crosses, which was just NOT what I was going for! Took a bit of experimenting to get the proper square cross I wanted. But I figured that out for you, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty haha.

But that's not where my troubles ended! I had to photograph this thing!! How the heck do you photograph pot holders?! So I ended up browsing google for food blog photos, and taking inspiration from there! They're not as nice as some of the ones I saw, but I think I did a pretty good job!



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