Crochet Pattern: 2 Faux Macrame Planters

Spring has sprung here in Albuquerque and I’m going full force into planters!! Like it or not, hah! Over the last couple weeks I’ve posted two new, faux macrame hanging planter crochet patterns. The one seen on the left is sewn onto a stick and fits 3 inch pots, the one on the right is crocheted onto a ring and fits 4-5 inch pots (5 inch pot in the photos). To a person who knows nothing about crochet, these could totally be mistaken for macrame, and that brings me great joy, because I’m not really a fan of making macrame!

So we’ll talk about this one first.


  • Worsted yarn (I used lionbrand’s Wool ease)

  • 4mm hook

  • A cool stick (mine is 12 inches long)

  • 3 inch pot

This one is fun to work up, with the repeating pattern. The alternating stitches keep you from getting bored!

Now this one REALLY looks like macrame, right? I’m really proud of how this planter came out, I really think I nailed it!


  • Worsted cotton yarn

  • 5mm hook

  • 1.5 inch split ring

  • 4-5 inch pot (this one is a 5 inch)

Making the curly Q hangy things is really simple, and this planter works up really quick, but has a great impact! I really love it!

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