Free Crochet Pattern Video: Bunny ears bow headband (learn how to read crochet patterns)

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Update: This pattern has been added to my youtube series How To Read Crochet Patterns! There's now a video!

Originally posted January 26th, 2017

Hey guys, I’m back with another free pattern! It’s a simple and sweet “bunny ears” bow headband.

I’ve been snowshoeing for the first time this year and I really enjoy it. It’s a workout without feeling like you’re working out. I’ve gone 3 times so far and hopefully I’m going to get out a few more times before winter ends. Anyway, I wore a different hat each time, and each time my head kept getting too warm, so I’d take it off, but then my ears would start freezing. Obviously the solution was a headband!

Well it just so happened I had a bit of leftover alpaca yarn from a scarf I made for my boyfriend’s christmas present..which I made in order to use up the leftover yarn from a hat I made for my boyfriend a couple months earlier. LOL

So it was a perfect combination of leftovers and necessity, but you can adapt this to fit whatever yarn and hook size you’ve got!


  • 5mm hook
  • Bulky weight (5) yarn (or heavy worsted)
  • A ruler
  • Yarn needle

    As I said, I used up my leftover yarn for this, but if you want to buy yarn especially for this project, try Wonderfluff from WeCrochet! It’s a gorgeous mix of alpaca, merino and nylon. The color Kale Heather is very similar to the yarn I used.

    For the video I used Snuggle Puff from WeCrochet, which is a heavy worsted yarn.

    The most important aspect of the yarn is that it isn't thicker than weight 5, and that it's soft. It needs to be soft so that it can be tied into a knot easily. But if it's TOO soft, then the ends will just flop over. So sturdy yarns like red heart super saver, caron one pound, loops and threads impeccable etc, are a bad choice for this one. But on the other hand, something like caron simply soft is also a bad choice, because it's too soft. You need a balance.

    And for choosing a hook, you need to choose a hook that's large enough to let the yarn remain flexible, again since you're tying a knot. However, if it's a little too open and airy, with large holes, it won't be very warm. So it's all about finding the right balance.


    st - stitch
    ch - chain
    dc - double crochet
    inc - increase
    dec - decrease

    🌺 The pattern 🌺



    - My headband is 3 inches wide and 27 inches long. Use whatever yarn and hook size you like, and adjust the pattern to match that!

    - All inc and dec are dc

    -Start each new row with a ch 1, turn.

    - I recommend crocheting up a test swatch first, that you can frog after. ch 13, dc into 2nd ch from hook and into remaining 11 ch. Do 2-4 rows of: ch 1, turn, dc across. You can easily see if the final width is too small or too large. Try again with a different ch count until you're happy. Adjust the beginning and end of the pattern to use your stitch count!

    R1: ch 2, dc into the 2nd ch from hook. (1)

    R2: inc (2)

    R3: inc across (4)

    R4: dc across (4)

    R5: inc into first and last st, dc into each st between (6)

    R6-R7: dc across (6)

    R8: inc into first and last st, dc into each st between (8)

    R9-R10: dc across (8)

    R11: inc into first and last st, dc into each st between (10)

    R12: dc across (10)

    R13: inc into first and last st, dc into each st between (12)

    Place a stitch marker in this row and measure the length. Call this measurement A. Leave the stitch marker in while you continue.

    If you're adjusting the beginning and end of your headband because you want a different number of stiches for the final width, be sure to write down what you did so you can copy it when you start decreasing!

    R14-R34: dc across (12)

    Measure your entire headband as it is now, while stretched out (because that's how it will be on your head!), and call it measurement B. Add measurements A + B together. If the length is around 27 inches long (68 cm), you can start decreasing (R35). If it's a lot shorter or longer, do fewer or more than 34 rows. Remember that the headband stretches when you wear it, too, so wrap it around your head as well and see how it fits. And remember that you'll be tying a double knot, which will take away a few inches of length.

    This will all depend on your yarn, your tension, your hook it's very catered to you! Move on to R35 when you're happy with the length.

    In the video I ended up adding 6 rows, going to R40. 

    R35: dec the first 2 st tog and the last 2 st, dc into each st between (10)

    R36: dc across (10)

    R37: dec the first 2 st tog and the last 2 st, dc into each st between (8)

    R38-R39: dc across (8)

    R40: dec the first 2 st tog and the last 2 st, dc into each st between (6)

    R41-R42: dc across (6)

    R43: dec the first 2 st tog and the last 2 st, dc into each st between (4)

    R44: dc across (4)

    R45: dec the first 2 st tog and the last 2 st, dc into each st between (2)

    R46: dec (1)

    Finish off and weave in both ends, then wrap it around your head and tie it! I’ve left mine tied and have been slipping it on and off as if it’s sewn shut so I don’t have to re-tie it and re-tangle my hair up in the knot LOL

    Hope you guys found this useful!

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