Crochet Pattern: Egg Trinket Dish


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New Pattern alert! Have you ever said to yourself, "gosh I sure wish I had an egg shaped trinket dish to put on my nightstand where I can put my earrings and rings into?" Because if so, which I'm guessing is 99% of those of you reading this, look no further! I've got the perfect crochet pattern for you, my new egg trinket dish crochet pattern!


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Guess how many times I've typed "fish" and had to change it to "dish" while adding this pattern everywhere? The answer is every single time. I barely ever eat fish, why are my fingers doing this?!

But anyway.

Look how cute this is!



This is a pretty simple pattern, it's definitely beginner friendly as long as you're comfortable working in the round and sewing on pieces. Amigurumi experience is the most helpful for this.



  • WeCrochet Dishie Yarn (weight 4, worsted, cotton) in White and Bumble Bee or Butterscotch
  • 4mm hook
  • yarn needle
  • stuffing (a tiny amount, use scrap yarn!)
  • plastic or cardboard (use something from your recycle bin)
WeCrochet Expanded Bright Crochet Hook Set |
WeCrochet Expanded Bright Crochet Hook Set |

from: Knit Picks

My egg trinket dish crochet pattern has a hard base so it stays flat and rigid. You can use anything from your recycling bin for the base, so that's an eco friendly win! I use a piece of thin cardboard from a frozen waffles box, hehe.


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