Cactus Jewlery Holder Crochet Pattern

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Heyooo I just dropped a new pattern! It’s a cactus jewelry holder! The dish holds earrings, enamel pins, rings etc, and the arms hold…also rings! But with style.


  • Worsted (weight 4) yarn in dish color, cactus color, and needle color

  • 3.25mm hook

  • tapestry needle

  • stuffing (I just used scrap yarn)

  • PVA glue (elmers, aileen’s, craft tack etc)

  • mixing bowl

  • large, flat, ceramic dinner plate

In order to make your jewelry holder solid, you soak it in a glue+water mix, then let it dry for a few days! It becomes hard like a statue, pretty neato!

Check out the short video I posted on instagram below to see this baby in action! (click over to the furthest right)


As always, the crochet pattern is available at etsy and ravelry! Edit: now available at our shop right here at

If you’re looking for some cute pieces to stock your cactus jewelry holder with, I have some cute goodies for you! Click on the links below the images to go to the shop page! The links below are all affiliate links, which means I will make a tiny percentage of the sale if you purchase through them.

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