Mother of Skeins Crochet Zip Pouch

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This rather dramatic zip pouch declares you the mother of skeins, and will hold the supplies that such a person might need like crochet hooks, knitting needs, tape measures, scissors...all that good stuff. The effect on the text kinda makes it look embroidered in photos, but it's not, it's all flat print.

Comes in two sizes! The small measures 8.35 inches wide by 5.99 inches tall; the large measures 11.82 inches wide by 8.35 inches tall.


  • 100% Polyester; super durable! Never wrinkles!
  • Choose your size! Small measures approx 8 x 6 inches, Large measures approx 12 x 8 inches.
  • Black zipper fabric with gold pull
  • Flat corners
  • Non-laminated lining
  • Same design printed on front and back

Please note, this product will ship to your directly from a 3rd party printing company, who makes it to order just for you.

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